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Why now?!

So why now? Why start a blog the week of thanksgiving, the chaos of the holidays coming, my son turning one soon and the list goes on. The real question I asked myself was why NOT now? Why continue to wait and for what? I did some soul searching and realized that the only reason that I hadn’t started earlier was because I feared what others would think, my family, friends, “what if I shared it on Facebook and someone didn’t like it?“, “ what if it started an argument, I don’t want that” and the list of what ifs continue BUT then I stopped myself and recognized that I could do it and if someone didn’t like it, well that’s not my problem.

I have a rambunctious 10 month old, a hyper husky and a busy husband. My life is constant chaos and what’s funny is I want to add to the chaos and have another one.. don’t ask me why because one is already a handful but thats what I envision for myself. I want a handful, I want chaotic, I want madness running through the house. That madness is what reminds me that I am loved, I have a beautiful life and I wouldn’t change any bit of my chaos for a dull moment.

So I choose NOW. I am going to hit the ground running. I am going to write about my life and how I’ve learned to embrace the million changes that have come my way and where I’m going next.

Join me on this wild journey of embracing the madness - you won’t be disappointed.

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