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Fake it Until You Make It ... Let's Not

I’ve never been able to get onboard with this advice – fake it until you make it.

Why would you ever want to put yourself through that? Instead I like to think how I can learn the material or project at hand; do the research, read the books, call the experts and the consults, reach out to leadership for advice and empowerment.

One of my first jobs as an administrative assistant was for an Executive Director at a small nonprofit and she taught me more lessons than I can count. One of them was to never be afraid to ask questions. Shortly after I had started she told me "There is no need to anticipate others needs when all you have to do is ask." Read that again. When you're presented with something that you will have to learn or don't feel confident answering with certainty - say so.

I can't count how many times I tell my boss and coworkers that I need to look something up, do some research, take a training, call an expert or consultant who knows about our industry specific questions.

I was not hired to be perfect or to have all the answers, I am there to make sound decisions and find those answers.

So next time you hear "fake it until you make it", let's pause and consider that we are the person who is up for any challenge and we can take on anything.

THAT is how you can really make it - network, call the people you trust, put in the effort. You have all the tools, now it's time to go after it.

Have some faith, take a deep breath, and put that confidence in yourself instead of in some lame saying. You can and you will learn and overcome any obstacle. That's all apart of embracing the madness.


Until next time,


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