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Babes Support Babes

There’s something that I’ve realized in the last couple of years. Best friends or total strangers, we should be cheering for others and lifting each other UP.

You’re an entrepreneur and run your own business?! Fantastic, send me the weblink or Etsy page I can share!

You got promoted and are now a manager of a whole department?! Congratulations!! You are a boss - making boss moves!!

You just started your own blog?! That’s so awesome, send it to me so I can read up on it and share it with the people that I know!

Running a side hustle?! Keep working hard, it’ll pay off!

I will always share a post, link, website, anything to help spread the word and support someone and their passion.

So what if you’re doing the same thing as someone else?! Run ideas by each other instead of comparing your work.

In fact, my best friend created a blog before I did but didn’t publish it and ended up recreating it and making something completely PERFECT in every aspect. Seriously, her blog is AH-FREAKING-MAZING! The best part is that during the whole process of me creating this website, finding the perfect name and proofreading every little detail; she never once questioned me publishing my blog, always offered to help me in any way she could and always SUPPORTS me.

That’s how all of us should be with each other. Support, even if it’s a small gesture; buying a t-shirt from their website or sharing their post. Even the smallest of things make a big impact.

Another friend of mine, who I met at my place of work here in El Paso, got promoted six months ago to manage the department we started in together. This woman is absolutely perfect for the position. I shed a tear of joy for her when I found out that she was hired, she deserved that and she has, and continues to, work so incredibly hard; and not just at work. She also goes to school and chases her toddler around while enhancing her career.

One of my other friends here in El Paso went back to school to get her master’s degree, while taking care of her little one full time. We constantly check in on each other and make sure we aren’t drowning in schoolwork or crying in a corner because let’s face it ... toddlers are hard.

I know many people that run their own side hustles or quit their jobs to pursue their dreams. I applaud them, every single one of them. I have tagged and linked some of my favorite entrepreneurs and bloggers that I absolutely love.

I stand behind each of these businesses and more importantly I stand behind the women that have created the vision that they used to dream of and continue to grow these dreams into realities more and more every day.

For all of you that have this idea or dream that you aspire to create one day, stop waiting for it to be the right moment because that day will never come. Start now. Even if it’s just doodles in a notebook of what you wish to accomplish this year; put it on paper and get something small done each week. Before you know it, you’ll look back and remember a day when you weren’t pursuing your passion and question why you waited so long.

Babes support babes. You are all my inspiration to continue to push further and create a life of passion, happiness and hustle.



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