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Lean In .. all the way in

I struggle with self discipline. I can make detailed plans and organize my calendars with everything I’ll need to succeed but when it comes to carrying out those plans it’s a different story.

I recently stumbled across something I typed out in August, the day after my birthday. I wrote out my goals and what I wanted to achieve going into my 25th year.

These goals reminded me that I was nowhere close to what I wanted to accomplish and it’s been almost 5 months since I wrote those.. let me rephrase. It’s been almost a HALF A YEAR since I wrote those goals down.

The biggest change that I wanted to see was in my commitment. I wanted to follow through with what I say; the first time I say it, not the third or tenth time.

Think about everything you’ve committed to in the past, all of those things you started but never followed through with. Whether it be losing weight, eating better, getting to the gym, saving money, going on a vacation, getting outside more with your kids; whatever it may be. We all have something we never finished. More times than not we didn’t accomplish these goals we set due to an obstacle of some sort... a financial set back, mental block, overwhelming stress, children and more.

What we need to remember is that when we hit these obstacles we have to lean in. We have to push past those hurdles and keep grinding.

Write down your goals and everything you wish to achieve. They don’t have to be in a year or even five, just write them down and lean in; all the way in. Embrace the madness, look for the good in every day and just get it done.

Here’s my commitment to taking my blog to the next level, growing my knowledge in business and marketing, raising my son to be everything this world needs, creating a healthier version of myself for my family and embracing the madness.

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