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Embrace the Chapter You're In

There are so many different seasons and chapters of life. Each one brings its own struggles, as well as triumphs. The mountains that we climb and different challenges that we face in each chapter may differ from previous ones to teach you a life lesson… and if they show up a second time, well – you didn’t learn the first time around.

With every chapter that closes, a new one opens and sometimes those open doors do not line up perfectly, sometimes they overlap and other times there may be a gap between them but non-the-less, time will pass anyway.

One thing is for sure, though. It’s all in what you make of it. Are you going to wallow in remorse that the chapter has closed or are you going to face it with your head held high and find your next chapter? What will feed your passion and drive you forward?

The most important thing to remember in these times of change is that the circumstances may change but YOU do not. Who you are does not waiver. That person that you knew then is still staring you back in the mirror.

Each chapter helps to mold us and come back stronger than before but our roots still remain.

I have had many chapters in life, some life milestones and some simply off of circumstances.

In May of 2018 I moved over 2,000 miles from everything I have ever known and had to learn how to make it on my own, while only relying on calls and FaceTime dates for communication with my family that I left back home.

I had to learn to embrace my chapter. Find my new place in life or else I was going to be miserable and let me be clear; I was MISERABLE. I couldn’t find a job and when I did I struggled to find my way. Once I felt like I finally was, I found out I was pregnant and I was going to open up yet another new chapter… motherhood.

The months leading up to the birth of my son I was at peace with my world, although I missed my family and every aspect of being back home, I had found an amazing support system in my coworkers. Those women kept me sane and happy to go to work for eight hours out of my day, which mind you felt very long, the closer I got to my due date.

After having my son and transitioning into motherhood I secluded myself and sheltered... well, everything, every single aspect of my life. I felt as though I had to find my way all over again. I found myself back to feeling miserable and completely disconnected. It took me over 9 months to realize that I wasn’t practicing what I preach, which (you’ll get to know) is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

One of my coworkers, and good friend, reached out and asked to get together for lunch and I had to thank her… like, really thank her. After lunch and some light window-shopping, my perspective completely changed. I had an epiphany… I was making myself miserable! I was the reason I was unhappy. I wasn’t taking control of the things I could change.

I started a routine, I started my blog, I began working out again, I reached out to friends; both old and new, I embraced the madness of my day to day life and I found my purpose. With each passing day I felt more and more like myself again; full of gratitude, contentment and just overall happiness. I was reminded that I am surrounded by amazing people, I have a support system both near and far and I am okay. My son is healthy and growing like a weed, my husband (god bless his soul) keeps me grounded and has walked me through each pitfall and held me high with each accomplishment, big or small. My friends and family are astonishing.

For so long I wondered why I was here and what lesson I was missing because I was still so miserable… turns out it was right in front of me the whole damn time. Embrace the desert city, the windy (yet scorching hot) atmosphere and look around you. Those people weren’t just mile markers that I was meant to pass by, but instead friendships and they are here to stay.

Just like that, onto the next chapter and I’m still the same boisterous, over the top, open book individual.

Who you are is not defined by your struggles, your successes or your past; unless you want it to. We are shaped by our experiences but only you get to decide if they change who you are.

Change is difficult but you have to embrace the chapter that you’re in and learn to roll with the punches. Find the good in every day, embrace the madness and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

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