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Do the hard things

Stop taking the easy way out or settling for the easier path.

Yes, going back to school is hard. Picking a major is hard. Finding out that you don’t like the career you chose and having to start over is hard. Raising a family is hard. Injuries and illnesses are hard. Quitting your job and having to find a new company is hard.

Every obstacle you face in life is going to propose a difficult decision but you have to decide to do the hard things because the easy things will not create growth.

Choosing to be bitter and negative is easy. It’s easier to listen to those negative voices instead of drowning them out and flooding your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts.

Sometimes I find myself taking the easy way out. Not doing the workout because it’s easier to sit on the couch and cuddle with my son. Not eating the healthier option because I’d have to wait for it to cook instead of having it ready at my finger tips. Allowing my negative thoughts to take over and holding onto insignificant issues because it is so much harder to preach positivity some days.

These decisions can be hard decisions but those are the choices that make us who we are and mold our character.

I recently text my best friend, who hears every little thought that runs through my head, and told her that I’m done taking the easy way out. It’s time to do the hard things and take a leap of faith.

I applied to go back to school and upgrade from my associate degree to a bachelor’s degree. Classes start next week and I’m listening to myself; taking a leap of faith and ready to do the work.

I started working out again and squeezing in twenty or thirty minutes before my son wakes up or after he goes to bed a few times a week. I changed my eating habits and prioritized my health.

Our future is our responsibility. Every choice we make - to be better or bitter, to smile or frown, to be optimistic or negative, to choose the easy way or the hard way ... these are our choices and our responsibility.

Each little thing adds up to one big thing; your life... your future.

Do not let your past define you. Rise above the negative words. Rise above the haters. Beat the odds. Accept the change in your life. You are the only thing standing in your way.

Love the people you love and love them hard with everything you have because at the end of the day, we are all we’ve got. I have my people; my never ending, unconditional, have my back no matter what people.

Do not allow that voice in your head get you down. Do not dismiss the people that care the most and more importantly do not push them away.

If you’re struggling, feel lost, wondering how to cope; lean on those people, they are your never ending, unconditional love and support and if you find yourself feeling uneasy to talk to them - maybe they aren’t your people.

Break free from your pattern and stop choosing the easy route. Once I did I was able to see progress, live a more positive life, smile more, have more patience with my son, sleep better and truly found the good in as much as possible.

Break free and dive into your full potential.

You have the ability to change your story, one decision at a time. Embrace the madness and do not shy away from the difficult things in life.

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